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Dead Down Wind Base Camp Wilderness Care Essentials Kit

26 Piece Kit
In stock

The Wilderness Camp Essentials Kit is the "EASY" button when preparing for your next adventure. Base Camp's bio-engineered Enzyme ScentPrevent technology eliminates the full spectrum of odor molecules supporting healthy hygiene in the woods.

This kit includes:

  • FULL BODY BATHING WIPES (2 CT): Heavy duty, extra large (12" x 24") can be used on entire body.
  • CAMP WASH TOWELS (20 CT): Heavy duty, biodegradable towels (7" x 8") can be used on entire body. Peal and reseal package.
  • CAMP SOAP: 4 Ounces, great for skin, hair and utensils
  • RINSE FREE BODY WASH & SHAMPOO: 8 Ounces, Ready to use right out of the bottle. It cleans and eliminates odors with no water required. Just apply and towel dry.
  • BAR SOAP & TRAVEL CASE: Biodegradable bar soap eliminates chemical and organic odors during and after showering.
  • TOOTHBRUSH HOLDER: Keep your toothbrushes clean. Great for daily or travel use.