Dead Down Wind Base Camp Wilderness Care Essentials Kit

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The Wilderness Camp Essentials Kit is the "EASY" button when preparing for your next adventure. Base Camp's bio-engineered Enzyme ScentPrevent technology eliminates the full spectrum of odor molecules supporting healthy hygiene in the woods.

This kit includes:

  • FULL BODY BATHING WIPES (2 CT): Heavy duty, extra large (12" x 24") can be used on entire body.
  • CAMP WASH TOWELS (20 CT): Heavy duty, biodegradable towels (7" x 8") can be used on entire body. Peal and reseal package.
  • CAMP SOAP: 4 Ounces, great for skin, hair and utensils
  • RINSE FREE BODY WASH & SHAMPOO: 8 Ounces, Ready to use right out of the bottle. It cleans and eliminates odors with no water required. Just apply and towel dry.
  • BAR SOAP & TRAVEL CASE: Biodegradable bar soap eliminates chemical and organic odors during and after showering.
  • TOOTHBRUSH HOLDER: Keep your toothbrushes clean. Great for daily or travel use.
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