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Dead Down Wind™ Base Camp Biodegradable Wash Towel

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No Shower, No Problem! Dead Down Wind Base Camp Biodegradable Wash Towels are the next best thing to a shower! These heavy-duty towels can tackle almost any cleaning task, even removing dried on grime like blood. Each towel is made using a bio-engineered enzyme technology formula that leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed even when a shower or water is not available. Dead Down Wind Wash Cloths are a must-have for any outdoor activity, from camping and hunting to fishing and swimming. Keep a pack in your boat, truck or car and be prepared for any mess that may come your way

  • FULL-BODY CLEAN: Large, heavy-duty biodegradable 7.1" x 8.3" wash towels can be used on your entire body for rinse-free cleaning. Even safe for use in sensitive areas and sensitive skin for removing body odor or sweat.
  • TEXTURED MATERIAL: Perfect for removing face paint or grime after the hunt. Extremely effective body wipes for camping or hunting. Great for post workout or bathing when you can't shower.
  • DURABLE DESIGN: These biodegradable wipes will not tear or punch through like some other cleansing cloths. Sturdy for scrubbing away dirt or residue. Save time and water with these unscented wipes!
  • USE ANYWHERE: Clean up a wide variety of messes from dirty hands to sticky spills. Stash these all purpose wipes in your purse, backpack or hunting bag for quick refreshes on the go.
  • PEEL AND RESEAL: The resealable package helps prevent towels from drying out and keeps the personal cleansing and bathing cloths extra fresh.