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Dead Down Wind™ Man Scrubber

A Soap-Scrubber that works as hard as you.
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Whether you are on the go or at your next hunting camp, you can always count on Dead Down Wind™ for your scent elimination needs. The All-New Man Scrubber by Dead Down Wind™ features an innovative and new showering experience that will not only hide odor but annihilate it. With Dead Down Wind’s ScentPrevent Technology, enzymes actively work to seek and destroy bacteria right at the source and make the way we wash a whole new routine.

Dead Down Wind™ Man Scrubber:

  • Skin-safe formula: Designed to Scrub, Clean and Smooth skin.
  • Dual-Sided Pad: Offers smooth and scrubbing side to match the grit you’ll encounter on your next adventure.
  • Easy Travel: Convenient and reusable travel-sized scrubber.
  • Annihilates Odor: Incorporates ScentPrevent Technology to kill bacteria with odor-fighting enzymes.
  • Made to Last: Will last up to 30-showers.
  • Includes a lanyard and resealable package.