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Dead Down Wind™ Stain Remover

Blood, Guts & Grime. No Problem.
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As outdoorsmen we pride ourselves on those memories when we are kneeling in mud grinning ear-to-ear. We continually work to overcome obstacles, terrain and even the elements to position ourselves for those bucket-list opportunities. The All-New Stain Remover from Dead Down Wind™ is designed to combat those afterthoughts so your gear remains ready for that next adventure you dare to embark on. Safe on a wide-range of materials, Dead Down Wind’s Stain Remover annihilates the stains that you acquire whether you in the woods, shop or just being you.

Dead Down Wind™ Stain Remover:

  • Removes Set-In Stains: Tackle the toughest of stains and messes.
  • Concentrated Formula: Concentrated formula removes Grass stains, Grease, Mud, Blood… Anything you or mother nature could dish out.
  • Gear-Safe: Safe for use on a wide range of garment materials (carbon, technical, natural & synthetic)
  • Extends Gear Life: Extends life of your garments & will not cause fading.
  • Pre-Treat gear prior to washing.