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Dead Down Wind™ DZone Portable Ozone Generator

Ozone Output of 50 MG/H
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Dead Down Wind, the odor and scent elimination experts, takes on airborne odor particles with the DZone Portable Ozone Generator. Through industry leading technology, DZone eliminates bacteria and captures odor molecules with high output ozone. Built to work in gear bag, in your hunting closet and even in your automobile. The DZone Portable Ozone Generator goes where you go, easily hangs where you need it most.

  • POWER ON DZONE: 50 MG/H ozone output; highest output in class
  • PLACE IN PREFERRED LOCATION: Works in a bag, closet, or vehicle; Rated for 106 cubic feet
  • LET THE OZONE UNIT ELIMINATE THE ODOR: Will run for 10 minutes, then rest for 10 minutes. This cycle will repeat for 10 minutes. This cycle will repeat for 60 minutes and power off. Battery lasts up to 8 hours
  • USE OZONE TO REMOVE ODORS FROM: Hunting, Camping, Sports and Exercise gear
  • INCLUDES: USB charging cord and hanging hook
  • Works great with the Dead Down Wind Dead Zone DZone Closet