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Sweat Equity Gear Powder - 4 oz.

Eliminate stink and sweat on shoes, cleats, protective equipment and more. Safe for skin application.

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Sweat Equity Sports Gear Powder is formulated to eliminate sweat, moisture and odor. It is safe to use on skin, sports equipment, shies and bags. It is an all day protection.

Athletes put in the hours, the effort and the sweat to reach extraordinary goals. The game winning touchdown, walk-off home run or shootout, all require preparation. No different than your gear. We have developed a line of products specially formulated to support extraordinary moments with extraordinary odor destruction.

  • GEAR POWDER: Sweat Equity's Gear Powder works hard on the stink and sweat that clings to shoes, cleats, and protective equipment, while being gentle enough for safe skin application. 
  • TAKE IT WITH YOU: You never know when odor, sweat, or moisture will strike! Make our gear powder one of your gym bag staples so you're always ready! 
  • ODOR CONTROL FOR ALL: Sweat Equity products are formulated to be safe for all sports garments, equipment, and spaces. Safe on skin and activewear materials 
  • TOUGH ON GRIME: At Sweat Equity, we know you give the game your all...and sometimes the game gives back. That's why our line of products works to remove blood, dirt, sweat, and grime, so your gear is as ready to go as you are! 
  • GETS YOUR GEAR CLEAN: Ideal use for athletic uniforms. Helps with stains from athletic competition and rugged outdoor activities.