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The Science Behind Dead Down Wind

Dead Down Wind has revolutionized the scent elimination industry through a bio-engineered process known as ESPTM (Enzyme Scent Prevention). The enzymatic technology targets the source of odor by breaking down compounds appearing in the world we live in and on our body’s surface that bacteria convert to odor. Cover sprays can only hope to mask these odors, clothing attempts to contain the odors, but the enzymes in our Dead Down Wind products actually PREVENT odor-causing compounds from forming - allowing you to maintain a zero-scent environment. Enzymes are known as a catalyst for chemical reactions. In this scenario, the enzymes set in motion a breakdown of the human body’s natural secretions of sweat, sebum, apocrine glands, and also breakdown the scentful waste bi-products of the natural flora found on the surface of our skin.

The ScentPrevent® graphic is intended to help you visualize how odor is broken down or eliminated by changing a compound’s molecular structure. Take for example, H2O is liquid water, a compound you can taste, see, and feel. If you were to break the bonds at the molecular level and separate the hydrogen from the oxygen atoms, you would have two gases, neither of which you could discern in your surroundings. In a general sense that is how Dead Down Winds proprietary enzyme process works to control, prevent, and eliminate odor. Dead Down Wind technology degrades large molecules into smaller and virtually undetectable fragments of the original odor molecule or prevents the formation of odor-causing compounds.

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