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Dead Down Wind Introduces New Dead Zone Ozone Generator

Dead Down Wind Introduces New Dead Zone Ozone Generator


Covington, GA – Days of hunters going home frustrated with unfilled tags because sudden shifts in the wind tipped game off are over. Introducing the Dead Zone family of products, leveraging the power of light and ozone to destroy odors.

“This isn’t just another scent-masking product,” said Jeff Danker of Buckventures Outdoors. “This is a science-based piece of equipment that prevents game from detecting your scent. The engineering and design team at Dead Down Wind leveraged technology that hospitals use to eliminate odors and bacteria. We know hospitals demand the highest level of cleanliness and odor elimination possible, and now this scent-slaying tech is available to me! The Dead Zone Generator sets up fast, is quiet, and destroys every odor in the treatment zone. This is a must-have for hunting preparation from now on.”

The Dead Zone Generator, Gear Bag and accessories were built based on extensive science-based research and testing. While other “ozone” machines exist on the market today, Dead Down Wind decided eliminating “some” odors was simply not enough. Especially when it comes to the harvest of a lifetime. The Dead Zone line has an extensive list of features:

Dead Zone Generator:
  • Two-step odor- and bacteria-elimination process:
    1. UV light destroys bacteria. This proven technology is used in hospitals, swimming pools, and other applications that demand the best decontamination available.
    2. Ozone traps odor molecules and destroys them on contact.
  • LCD for easy set up.
  • Variable levels of ozone output:
    • 50 mg/h – Low, 100 mg/h – Low/Mid, 250 mg/h – Mid/High and 500 mg/h - High
  • Front and side outputs:
    • Front output for large spaces, closets and vehicles.
    • Side outputs for 360* circulation in Gear Bag.
  • Battery powered for up to 8 hours of continuous use.
Dead Zone Gear Bag:
  • Weatherproof outer material holds ozone and light inside for optimal cleaning and deodorizing.
  • Weatherproof zippers to keep ozone and light in, and weather out.
  • 360° circulation channel for ozone distribution.
  • Changing mat to keep your feet dry and debris-free when putting on or taking off boots.
  • Large compartments for garments, boots, gloves and more.

“The Dead Zone Generator and Gear Bag are built for the hunter who is serious about hunting.” Said Mark Wenberg, Product Development Director – Dead Down Wind. “Serious meaning you want the largest game possible, as close as possible, and want it to have no idea you are there. If that is you, then the Dead Zone is a must have.”

Dead Zone is the latest example of Dead Down Wind’s commitment to controlling and eradicating odors through safe and effective science-based innovation. For more information on Dead Down Wind, visit


About Dead Down Wind

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